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(Rules: no spaces, no special characters / underscores, hyphens are allowed)

IMP: The Domain Transfer Auth Code needs to be obtained from the current Registrar of the domain name that you wish to transfer. Read More


(Rules: no spaces, no special characters / underscores, hyphens are allowed)

IMP: The Domain Transfer Auth Code needs to be obtained from the current Registrar of the domain name that you wish to transfer. Read More


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Receive 2 personalized Email Addresses such as mail@yourdomain.com with free fraud, spam and virus protection.

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Free lifetime DNS service allows to manage DNS records on our globally distributed & highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

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Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Domain Theft Protection.

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Create free email forwards & automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts, free domains forwards & point your domain name to another website.

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Easy-to-use bulk tools to help you Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to several Domain Names in a single step.


  What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply a description of a computer's location on the Internet. For an organization, a domain name is similar to a customized license plate. Registering a domain name on the Internet is the equivalent of registering a company name at Companies House. Once registered, no-one else can use that name. As there are many companies with similar names, it is important to register a suitable domain name for your company as soon as possible. A domain name is a way by which a company can uniquely identify itself on the Internet.

If your company name was yourfirm Inc., the domain name would be your firm.com. Your web site would be located at: http://www.yourfirm.com and your email addresses would be in the form of username@yourfirm.com. There are three different types of domain names that you can register. The general purposes for these domains are: .com Commercial, .net Network and .org Miscellaneous Organizations.

  My site is not ready, can I still register my domain name now?

Yes. Relicons will register your domain name and keep it for you till the time you are ready to host the site. The day you are ready to host your domain, you will have to contact us by email and we will setup your domain on our servers. (When required, your domain will be activated within 24 hours, Monday to Friday only). We will set up your domain on our servers. Not only that, we will create a single web page that indicates that your site is "under construction".

  What is the fee for a domain name registration?

Different domain extensions cost differently.

  Why would I want to Register a Domain Name?

At this moment, new Internet Domain Names are being registered at an astronomical rate! If you don't reserve your Domain Name now, you risk having it pulled right out from under you...forever. You see, no Domain Name can be registered twice. If you don't reserve now, then someone else can.

  How do I change my domain name?

Once registered, the domain name is unchangeable. You can register another new domain name if you wish.

  How many domain Names can I register?

You can register as many as you like, provided they are available to be booked. In all circumstances you will have to adopt the same process of domain registration, which you were adapting to book a single domain.

  What if my domain name turns out to be taken?

This is a very real possibility as there are tens of thousands of names being registered EVERY day. Even if its available when you sign-up for Relicons services in this regard, there may be someone in the process already that wants that domain name. The best bet is to pick a domain name that is simple for customers to remember yet unique enough that no one will possibly think of using it. You may also be able to get a name close to what you want merely by putting - or some other part of your legal business name into your domain name.

  What characters can I use when registering a domain name?

You can use the characters a-z and 0-9 (in any combination). You can also use hyphens (-), although your domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen. You cannot use any other characters, nor should you use punctuation. Use up to 67 characters total.

  Can I register an all-numeric domain name?


  What's the minimum number of characters in a domain name?

Most domain name extensions require a minimum of 2 characters for a domain name, although a few countries have set higher minimums for names registered under their extension.

  What information will I receive when ordering a domain name?

You get an email confirmation. It is always a good idea to print out any information supplied by your registrar during the registration process so that you will have access to it later.

  I registered a domain name, but I made a mistake while registering and registered the wrong name/changed my mind about registering it after paying. Can I cancel my registration?

Under the current Domain Name Service Agreement, all sales are final. If you want to register a different domain name, you'll have to pay again.

  I'm thinking of registering the ".org" of a well-known .com domain name. Is that a good idea?

While this tactic may get you some "free" traffic, it's also a great recipe for a lawsuit. If the .com domain is trademarked, it's better to steer clear of trouble. If the .com domain is "generic" (that is, it is a dictionary word which is not trademarked) then you're safer. Ultimately, it's your decision.

  I'm thinking of registering a misspelling of a popular site's domain name (example: Yahhoo.com, AOLL.com). Is that a good idea?

This is commonly known as "typosquatting" i.e. buying a domain name with the expectation of siphoning traffic off of the legitimate site by snaring people who can't spell well. There have been a number of court cases as a result of this kind of behavior - most were decided in favor of the site owner. Ultimately, it's your decision.

  What are the "hidden costs" of domain name ownership?

It's important to remember that a domain name is only "yours" for as long as you keep paying the renewal fee. If you keep a domain name for 5 years, you'll have to pay 5 separate fees (although you can make a one-time payment for all 5 years).