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Run your Tally ERP
on Cloud - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Run your Tally on Cloud – The Best Accounting Software from anywhere, anytime and any device!

Access your Tally ERP Software on cloud anytime and using any device. Now manage all your business accounting operations on Cloud service and overcome the problem of having a mandatory IT infrastructure in your office.

All it requires is, to setup software on the cloud within minutes which can be instantly accessed from anywhere in the world.

Challenges with
Traditional Tally

  • Data Consolidation efforts from multiple locations & users.
  • Ongoing Maintenance expenses of Tally Servers & Hardware.
  • Connectivity Issues between multiple locations.
  • Tally Performance issues over LAN.
  • Restricted Accesiblity of Data from other locations.
  • Higher Costs for Tally licenses for all multiple locations.
  • Restricted Devices support. Cannot use on mobiles & tablets.
  • On-Demand Scalability restrictions for hardware and bandwidths.


  • Availability - Your Tally data is stored on Tier-IV enterprise-class data center
  • Accessibility – Access your data from anywhere, anytime and any device
  • Cost Saving - No need to maintain servers at your offices to store data and no maintenance cost
  • License cost - Single Tally License required for multiple offices
  • Auto Data Backup - Automatic daily Tally Backups with easy restore functionality
  • Secure – Complete Security of your Tally accounting data from any potential attacks
  • Save Time - Savings on response time with real-time work syncing
  • Scalable - Upsize the server capacity on-demand as your requirement increases, at affordable pricing
  • Tech Support - Flexible billing with 24/7 IT Support

Standard Features with our plans!

Cloud Based

Cloud Tally ensures Total Geo-Redundancy offering

Automatic Backup

On-site & Off-site for your Tally Data

Single License

For multiple Users and locations

Highly Secure

Time and IP based security to prevent any misuse

Platform independent

Access your Tally Data via PC, Tablet or Mobiles

Infrastructure Maintenance

All managed by Datacenter Including Network, or Bandwidth